If you're looking for the perfect conversation piece that celebrates Jacksonville, Florida
African American history, culture, and achievers, look no further than Jacksonville's First
African American coffee table book, "DUVAL - Moments in Time: Three Decades of African
American Images from the 1983 book by David Williams, a collection of captivating
and compelling images & profiles.

Priceless Historic Memories That Can't Be Thrown Away

DUVAL - Moments In Time



Are You Ready To Connect To DUVAL African American families?

Reach More Customers

DUVAL – Moments in Time is meaningful to our target market because of its historical value and inspiration to kids, particularly African American kids. But, best of all, it’s a magnificent book for companies or individuals to give as a gift.

With most people engaging in some sort of stay-home living, marketing consumption is changing dynamically. Never before have so many people suddenly altered their daily work and personal routines in history.

While they’re staying at home,  DUVAL – Moments in Time can capture their attention and plant a seed regarding your business.

Messaging from brands that stop marketing now may be less effective when brands ramp up their marketing efforts again, potentially reducing long-term sales.

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DUVAL – Moments in Time

DUVAL – Moments in Time

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