David B. Williams

david williamsBorn in Norwalk, CT, and raised by his grandparents in Camden, SC. His grandmother, a domestic housekeeper, would bring LOOK and LIFE magazines home and Williams would spend hours looking at the pictures in those magazines. Many of the photos were the work of Gordon Parks of Black recording artists and those involved in the Civil Rights movement and the Vietnam War, taken by Gordon Parks, who David would later learn was the first Black American photographer for LIFE and VOGUE magazines. "I was blown away at seeing the visual effects of the degradation of mankind," said Williams. If you were to ask Williams, he would say, “I think my subconscious mind stored those memories until they were ready to be released through his photography.

Williams joined the Navy while living in Binghamton, NY, and after Bootcamp was stationed at NAS Cecil Field in 1980. He continued to work as a freelance photographer and performed his Navy duties.

"I did my research, looked around Jacksonville to see what other photographers were photographing," said Williams, "but I didn't see anyone with a vision of capturing the rich history happening in the Jacksonville." That's where Williams found his niche, Black history, and celebrities.

Williams continues to hone his craft with photography assignments from CSX, Budweiser, FleishmanHillard Public Relations & Marketing Agency, Ebony Magazine, George Benson management company, and many other clients.

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